Who We Are

James, Catherine, Leah and Madeline Bentum

James, Catherine, Leah and Madeline Bentum

In the winter of 2012 we moved from the Lower Mainland in British Columbia to Woodstock, Ontario to start an organic vegetable farm on James’ family farm just outside of Woodstock, Ontario.

Why would we do this?

We have a passion for healthy food.  By ‘healthy food’ we mean food that is grown using organic farming practices that feed the soil and that add minerals and vitamins to our vegetables;  ‘clean’ food that is free from toxic chemicals and that is and full of nutrients.

We had a passion to grow organic food for ourselves which grew into a bigger dream to start a vegetable farm so we could provide this sort of food to other people as well. We currently farm 1.5 acres which provides a weekly box of vegetables for over 40 families and we attend the local farmers market every week.

We’re excited to be growing food for you and your family and look forward to meeting you this season!

James, Catherine, Leah and Madeline Bentum


2 Responses to Who We Are

  1. will andries says:

    Hi Catherine ,James and kids,
    Mr. A here;not sure if you remember me . I was a teacher and later a principal at FSCS many years ago. I did some research and see you live near Woodstock. I grew up in Delhi just south of you. My sincere condolences and sadness in the passing of your father recently. I knew Joe and your mom well and they were always a blessing to me and my family. I usually come back to Delhi once a year so I’ll make an effort to pop by for a short visit. Yes ,I’m still teaching in Three Hills. Blessings on you and your lovely family.

    Mr. A…Will and Molly Andries

    • Hi Mr. Andries. Neat to hear from you – yes, I remember you. Thanks for the email and thanks for you condolences. Yes, we live in Woodstock – feel free to call or email the next time you are in Delhi! I will pass on this email to my mom. Are you on facebook?

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